• All In One 20W to 120W Solar Street Light

    BD-X series

    BD-X solar street light is with patent design to make installation and maintaining more economical, and flexible configuration to assist client to meet different projects' requirements.

    BD-X series can equip JINSDON APP Bluetooth control or JINSDON IOT LoRa intelligent monitor&control system.

  • Self-cleaning AL-X series solar street light

    AL-X series

    AL-X Series self-cleaning solar street light realizes multi-function integration, AL-X automatically clean solar panel to remove dust and sand, solved long-standing global issue which is to avoid PV energy input with 50% lower efficiency by dust and bird dropping cover, keep PV with maximum charge efficiency always for years.

  • Intelligent Solar Street Light With CCTV Camera


    BD-XC solar street light is with lighting and CCTV camera integrated design to monitor surrounding road situation, protect estate and anti-thief.

  • Solar garden light with music speaker


    YG-10 not only as a solar garden light, but also a music player to hold a more perfect party in the yard at night, or as a gift for a new neighborhood or your friend just brought a new house.
    Musical solar garden light is designed for making people more enjoy life.

  • Brightness Solar Garden Lights

    Solar garden light is designed to brighten the solar garden, path and park with scientific light distribution.

  • TL Series All-in-one Solar Street Light

    TL Series

    Integrated integrated patented design, aluminum alloy frame, overall light and thin, strong wind resistance. Not only has excellent shape design, but also has anti-corrosion, waterproof grade Ip66. Intelligent Internet of Things control system, equipped with computer software CMS, wirelessly monitor the operation status of each solar street lamp.

  • DJ-X Series Integrated Solar LED Street Light


    Integrated patent design, Aluminum alloy die-casting and surface spaying process. Not only supreme design, but also anti-corrosion and waterproof IP66. Smart IOT control system with computer software CMS, to wireless monitor every solar light.