All IN ONE solar street lights

  • All In One 20W to 120W Solar Street Light

    BD-X series

    BD-X solar street light is with patent design to make installation and maintaining more economical, and flexible configuration to assist client to meet different projects' requirements.

    BD-X series can equip JINSDON APP Bluetooth control or JINSDON IOT LoRa intelligent monitor&control system.

  • Self-cleaning AL-X series solar street light

    AL-X series

    AL-X Series self-cleaning solar street light realizes multi-function integration, AL-X automatically clean solar panel to remove dust and sand, solved long-standing global issue which is to avoid PV energy input with 50% lower efficiency by dust and bird dropping cover, keep PV with maximum charge efficiency always for years.

  • Intelligent Solar Street Light With CCTV Camera


    BD-XC solar street light is with lighting and CCTV camera integrated design to monitor surrounding road situation, protect estate and anti-thief.

  • Solar garden light with music speaker


    YG-10 not only as a solar garden light, but also a music player to hold a more perfect party in the yard at night, or as a gift for a new neighborhood or your friend just brought a new house.
    Musical solar garden light is designed for making people more enjoy life.

  • Brightness Solar Garden Lights

    Solar garden light is designed to brighten the solar garden, path and park with scientific light distribution.

  • TL Series All-in-one Solar Street Light

    TL Series

    Integrated integrated patented design, aluminum alloy frame, overall light and thin, strong wind resistance. Not only has excellent shape design, but also has anti-corrosion, waterproof grade Ip66. Intelligent Internet of Things control system, equipped with computer software CMS, wirelessly monitor the operation status of each solar street lamp.

  • DJ-X Series Integrated Solar LED Street Light


    Integrated patent design, Aluminum alloy die-casting and surface spaying process. Not only supreme design, but also anti-corrosion and waterproof IP66. Smart IOT control system with computer software CMS, to wireless monitor every solar light.

All IN TWO solar street lights

  • Remotely Wireless Control All In Two solar street light

    Vega-A series

    Vega-A solar street light is to ensure solar panel absorb sunlight efficient according to adjust PV orientation, product presentation part to make the showing how the solar lighting working different like LED light on-off / timing / dimming / mode/ stage in front of customers or government by mobile APP control.

  • North Star Series Integrated Solar LED Street Light

    NS-ML Series

    1. All-in-one design: LED lamp integrated intelligent controller and lifepo4 battery, easy install and convenient shipping;
    2. Adopt brand lifepo4 battery cell and combined with intelligent software BMS, which is the same working principle with EV battery management system, to extend battery lifespan;
    3. Intelligent controller with PWM/MPPT charging technology;
    4. Bridgelux LED chip with 130Lm/W;
    5. With Time and dimming function;
    6. Waterproof IP65.

Seperated solar street lights

  • Separated solar street light

    Split solar street light is economy and flexible solution to meet all kind of projects’ requirements, without limitation of solar panel and battery capacity, LED light will working longer time than other type solar lights.

  • Ceres Series Integrated Solar LED Street Light

    The whole aluminum shell surface is processed with powder coating, even under taking 500 hours of salt spray, the surface is not oxidized or damage, to adapt to inclement external environment.

IOT LoRa smart control solar street lights

  • IOT LoRa Intelligent monitor and control system for solar street lights


    LoRa communication with GPRS, 3G, 4G remote control,  reading date and sending order from PC to solar street light,  all type solar street lights can be wireless monitored and controlled anytime anywhere.
    Intelligent IOT LoRa solution uses JSDSOLAR LoRa JWL-ML solar charge controller and 4G JWL-SWC concentrator to achieve project control by one clink without boundary.
    Online program parameters: panel, battery, led light, working mode, temperature, history data
    Online program parameter: working time, dimming, sensor function, light up time, delay time.