2021 Top 3 Solar Powered LED Street Light Manufacturer in China

Aug. 02,2021

There are many manufacturers of solar street lights in China, if you would like to source reliable manufacturers, please come in and see.

In order to save your of time, energy and money, we listed up 3 of the best solar street light manufacturers in China.

This list has been generated from tons of research efforts, customer experiences and testimonials from a lot of community forums.

Our aim is to assist you to find out the most suitable solar street light manufacturers in China, so let’s get on with the list!

Here are the top 3 leading manufacturers in China 2021:

JSDSOLAR(Shenzhen, Guangdong)
Second Sun(Shenzhen, Guangdong)
Road Smart(Guangzhou, Guangdong)
You may have noticed that the top manufacturers from the list are from  Guangdong province, especially Shenzhen city where you can buy highly durable All-in-One solar street lights, All-in-Two solar street lights, split solar street lights.


Now let’s see how these manufacturers got on top 3 list.


1. Jinsdon Lighting
JINSDON Lighting Technology CO,.LTD


 So how did Jinsdon Lighting ended up being the country’s top choice?

Jinsdon Lighting is a Chinese solar street light manufacturer with over 10 years of skillful experience in the design, manufacture and service of solar street lights. Jinsdon Lighting is not only globally competitive with over 120 export countries and global brand distribution network, but also has their lines of unique and high quality solar street light models, Jinsdon Lighting is one of the best in the solar street light market, Jinsdon Lighting having their own patent design molds and professional R&D team. The company is highly recommended if you value high quality and long-lasting solar LED street lights

Check out JSDSOLAR’s range of solar street light products:
IOT LoRa Intelligent Control Solution
All-in-One Solar Street Light
All-In-Two Solar Street Light
Split Solar Street Light
Solar Garden Light
Solar Music Garden Light
Bluetooth Smart Control Solar Street Light
CCTV Camera Solar Street Light

Official website: www.jinsdonsolar.com

2. Second Sun

Second Sun is a budding company with over 10 years in solar charge controller and solar street lights,it has incredibly captured the world market many years, they insist to supply good quality solar street light to all clients,  Second Sun served over 50 countries with their solar street light projects. Their main market is in North America, South America, Southeast Asia and Middle East.


Second Sun’s Top Solar Street Light Products:
Integrated type solar street lights
Lithiumbattery solar street lights

3. Socreat

Socreat is a solar street light manufacturer in Shenzhen, Guangdong offering cost-friendly solar lighting solutions. It is a solar LED lighting manufacturer in China exporting high performance solar street lights. Their main factory is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong. The company does not only hold a great reputation of providing high quality solar street lights, but also has been incorporating new product designs on their portfolio each year. Thus, they have kept up with the latest trends in solar lighting solutions.

Socreat’s Top Solar Street Light Products:
All-in-TwoSolar street light
Intelligent solar street light


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