What is a home photovoltaic power station?

Aug. 24,2021

What is a home photovoltaic power station? Home solar energy systems mainly use the fixed resources on the existing equipment of the family, such as roofs, wall facades, and photovoltaic power generation systems; it has the specific characteristics of small space installation, easy to install.


The cost of a household photovoltaic power generation system depends on three factors.


  1. Equipment cost: photovoltaic equipment such as solar panels, brackets, inverters, battery packs.
  2. Installed capacity: Considering monthly electricity consumption and installable area.
  3. Subsidy policy: Subsidies vary in different countries and regions, and local policies should be consulted for details.


The solar power generation system is not a standardized product. The same configuration may not be suitable for all users. It needs to be designed and configured according to the user's own situation. Then for users who are interested in purchasing a solar power generation system, they should What are the first considerations?


1.The objective environment of the place of residence

There are also some objective factors that need to be considered before installing a solar photovoltaic power station. It is recommended to first consider the installation location and installation area of photovoltaic modules. Generally, for the Northern Hemisphere, south roofs or east-west facing roofs are more suitable for installation. In addition, families with yards or balconies can also consider installing sun sheds, carports or awnings.


2.Reliable manufacturer

A set of photovoltaic power generation systems mainly includes photovoltaic modules, inverters and various wires, as well as the battery packs. Once the quality of the equipment is not good or the components are not standardized, it will not only affect the safety of its own electricity use but also cause other users Influence. It is recommended that you choose JSDSOLAR which is a formal and quality-guaranteed manufacturer when buying. We can provide high-quality photovoltaic modules and related equipment to ensure that the solar generators work well, so as to truly avoid worries.


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