What problems should be considered during the construction of solar street lights?

Aug. 24,2021

For the municipal street lighting control system design, alteration, maintenance, upgrades to provide the reference


Solar street lights are street lights that use solar energy as an energy source. It is not affected by power electricity, does not dig trenches and buried wires, and does not consume power electricity. It can be used in any sunny place. JSD solar LED lights are safe, harmless, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly.

Solar street lamp renovation construction mainly refers to replacing the existing solar lamp and changing the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp or metal halide lamp to a new type of solar LED light source. Take the traditional 250w high-pressure sodium lamp as an example (the current street lamp is mainly a high-pressure sodium lamp), its own energy consumption is 250w, plus the energy consumption of the whole package and its own loss is more than 300w, after several years of use (high pressure The life of the sodium lamp is 2500 hours), the energy consumption of the system will reach 400w, In comparison, the energy consumption of high-pressure sodium lamps is a great waste. In fact, the street lamps in many places can be replaced by solar led lamps.

These four points need to be paid attention to during the renovation and construction of solar street lights

  1. Solar street lamp needs to be installed in a place where has efficient sunshine. If you are in the northern hemisphere, face the solar panels towards the south as far as possible when installing the solar street lights; if you are in the southern hemisphere, face the solar panels towards the north.
  2. Environmental factors are mainly determined by local climate conditions, namely rainy days. If there is no solar lighting on rainy days, the battery cannot be charged by the lighting of the solar panel. At this time, the lights must be turned on by the front charging of the battery at night. The larger the capacity of the battery pack, the longer the light-on time, and the longer the battery life. Therefore, rainy days can determine the capacity of the battery pack.
  3. How bright is the solar street lamp installation area? At present, the brightness and working hours of solar street lamp lighting can be adjusted by remote control, JSD solar LED lights can be remote-controlled by IoT. 
  1. Determine the height of the light pole according to the environment. Usually used in roads, parks, residential areas, etc., can be determined by the demand side generally 4-10 meters. The design of solar street lights should consider the use area of solar street lights, climatic conditions and other factors, and configure the parameters of solar street lights. Although the higher the configuration, the better the lighting effect, but the cost should also be considered.

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