Aug. 02,2021

2021 is an unprecedented year we might have never encountered. As a marketer, business developer, and exporter, JINSDON LIGHTING are facing more challenges than ever before, most significantly as:

1. The decreasing demands

Solar LED Public Street Lighting business, it’s affected more deeply as most people staying home caused demands decreased and planned projects slowed down as well, some JINSDON LIGHTING solar street light projects have been suspended.

2. The rising material costs

Along with the frame, battery, solar panel, and solar charge controller raw material supply shortage caused solar street light price raising highly, margin is severely cut off, and lead time is longer and longer, JINSDON lighting faced a big challenge.

3. The falling exchange rates

USD-to-RMB has been depreciated more than 7%, which mostly means we will lose the same volume profit if our closed-orders are fixed-dollars, but raise the prices to clients seems unfeasible for JINSDON Lighting regular clients.

4.Sea freight and air freight are rising crazy

2021 year’s sea freight and air freight have risen extremely high. The price of ocean freight has increased over 50 times, and freight cost make the products with more expensive price, and the solar street light is with big battery, it belong dangerous goods shipment, the container is more rare.

Even thought the big environment is such worse, JINSDON LIGHT is still try the best to make raw material channel is stable, keep the price with reasonable range, and make sure to deliver out goods on time.


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