195 sets street lights in Pakistan

Jan. 24,2021

All in one AL-X10 series 100W

The project is located on a road on the outskirts of Pakistan, leading to Karachi, Pakistan's largest city. There are 195 lights in total, covering 6 kilometers of solar street lamps.The local government is considering installing street lamps for the new roads, considering between traditional street lamps and solar street lamps, and finally considering solar street lamps. Although it costs a lot, it is a wise choice in the long run.First, the maintenance cost of solar street lamps is low. Especially for AL series street lamps, it has the function of automatically cleaning the dust of solar panels, which does not need the assistance of overhead vehicles, thus reducing a lot of later maintenance costs.Second, it has a long service life.Third, it eliminates the need for a power grid and saves huge amounts on electricity bills.Fourth, the installation is stable and there is no need to worry about the storm blowing it down or destroying it.Fifthly, the latest Internet of Things technology can be used to monitor the situation of street lamps and control the brightness and switch in front of the office or computer and mobile phone.The project manager told me that it has been in operation for one year without any accidents or maintenance. We are very grateful for providing high-quality products.


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