BD-X12 with 100W to resist long rainy day in Philips

Nov. 28,2020

BD-X12 with 100W to resist long rainy day in Philips, 10m installation height and 30m distance, 36lux on the ground.

BD-X12 all in one model 100W lea power 640WH LiFepo4 batteries.  

Situation introduce:

This is a suburban road in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, because the city needs to develop, improve the city's appearance, let the city light up, full of vitality, which can also provide the economy. The local government and the project contractor discussed how to plan, because there are two options, solar streetlights or traditional street lamps, after a long negotiation, finally decided that JSD will provide the project's solar streetlights. They chose high-powered solar lamps to meet the needs of lighting, through a period of installation, and finally completed the project, the night is no longer dark, more and more cars also pass this side, the street suddenly became busy.


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