BD-X8 80W project in Mexico

Jan. 24,2021

This project is located in a small village in Mexico, has through a road, connecting the two cities, at night, there will be a lot of vehicles and pedestrians through the road, before did not install solar street light, the road is very dark at night, for transportation is the bicycle, motorcycle, hike, in the evening after the road is very inconvenient.The local government was also aware of the problem and after careful consideration, chose solar street lamps to light the 15km road at night.First, the maintenance cost of solar street lamps is low, or can be said to be very little.Second, off-grid solar power can provide electricity without having to pull up a power grid, saving huge amounts of power.Third, it has a long service life.Therefore, we finally decided to purchase 3000 BD series solar street lamps from JSD.The project took a total of five months to complete, and when it was finished, the villagers in the vicinity cheered and rejoiced, because the street lamps made it easy and safe for them to travel.


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