Vega-A50 street lights were installed in Vietnam

Jan. 24,2021

This project is located in the capital of Vietnam, and it is installed as a residential area for residents, with a lot of people and vehicles coming and going.A long time ago, there were no streetlights and the area was particularly dark at night, and many locals preferred to take the long detour or the relatively short black road because it was too dark, unsafe and afraid of tripping over.Because of the inconvenience, the local government decided to purchase 300 solar street lamps to improve the places without lights. Since solar street lamps do not need to be rewired and are easy to install, this is a very important factor, so they decided to use solar street lamps instead of traditional ones.About the street lamps of this series,

In addition to being off-grid, solar street lights protect their power by dimming down to 30% when no one is around.This still provides enough background light to maintain a sense of security, and the low light on the passage also helps to maintain a developing sense of community,

When significant movement is detected - vehicle or pedestrian - the unit switches to 100% output, providing enough light to identify hazards on the path and enough light to prevent unnecessary activity.Because the unit quickly darkens when people leave the area, the passageway is not lit unnecessarily all night.

By choosing a solar solution on this site, they do not have to pay for electricity. JSD solar street lamps, with their dimming and presence detection, provide residents with safety throughout the night without overlighting their homes and surroundings.


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