4376 sets 120W JINSDON separated solar street lights were installed in Thailand

Jan. 24,2021

4376 sets 120W JINSDON separated solar street lights were installed in Thailand, road is 65.6km with three lines, project required 10m street pole with 30m installation distance, 3084WH LiFePO4 battery mounted on the street pole to support 8 rainy days.

The projects was in Thailand,It is a big government projects, We have installed 4376 sets separated solar street light and service for 65.6km distance with three line. For each solar light is 10m street pole high and 30m installation distance, And use LiFePo4 battery with 3084WH to support 8 rainy days. This road is around the city. Due to the urban renovation and route adjustment, the traffic flow on this road is relatively large. Even at night, many cars need to go through it.Therefore, the local government decided to purchase a large number of street lamps to meet the lighting demand for road transportation safety, pedestrian lighting, and urban street beautification.At the same time, the local government has adopted Internet of Things technology to monitor the condition of street lights in real time through computers to improve management efficiency.It is a great honor for JSD to undertake this project and provide some help within its capacity for urban beautification in Thailand. At the same time, it also provides 24-hour after-sales service. If there is any problem, our technicians will immediately analyze the problem, deal with the problem and solve the problem.


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