APP Bluetooth control BD-X10 All in one solar street lights in Kenya

May. 19,2021

Last month, our clients installed our all in one solar street lights in Kenya. But at the beginning,

our Kenya client would like to find the best working mode according to the local real situation firstly, any further discussion will be on the basis of this test, thus we recommend the APP Bluetooth control function.

 With APP Bluetooth control, the client can do the below operation.

  1. LED light on-off
  2. Power increase and reduce
  3. Timing set
  4. Sensor set
  5. Period set
  6. Battery capacity indication
  7. Low battery capacity warming
  8. Power percentage showing

 Client was happy for that it is very convenient to show the setting and solar lighting working changed in front of government, government staff like this intelligent control solar street light and approved it.

 Client also found the best working status 4hrs 100% , 2hrs 70% , 6hrs 50% sensor, 30% no sensor.  

 Any further details you would like to learn, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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