All in two 50W NS-ML solar street light in Columbia

May. 19,2021

Rural road has been in dark environment for a long time, in order to provide a safer environment for driver and pedestrians, government decide to illuminate this rural road.

Government evaluate the cost between grid power street light and solar power street light, gird power street light requires to build a main power supply system and consider conductor arrangement for this isolated area,  solar street light just need light and pole, it will save much cost and environment friendly. Thus solar street lights won this project.

The rural road condition:

10km with two lines, 7m width.

Project requirements:

Installation height is 7m, all in two solar street light, 10lux on the ground, bat beam angle.

All in two 50W NS-ML solar street lights from Shenzhen Jinsdon Lighting Technology Co., Ltd was selected successfully.

All in two 50W solar street lights were to meet requirements of project.

  1. 80W MONO 20% solar panel with mounting bracket
  2. 50W Philips LED NS-ML street light
  3. Built-in LiFePO4 512WH battery
  4. Built-in MPPT JWL-ML solar charge controller

We also provide an installation guide to make solar panels get the maximum sun power in local position, NS-ML works 12hrs per day to light the road.


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