4376 sets 120W IOT LoRa smart monitor split solar street lights in Indonesia

Jan. 24,2021

4376 sets 120W  IOT LoRa smart monitor split solar street lights were installed in Indonesia, the high way is 65.6km with three lines, the project required 12m street pole with 30m installation distance.

Solar street lights will be required smart control and monitor function.

  1. Set parameter and working mode from the computer. 
  1. Easy to check where and which solar street light is broken. 
  1. Solar light working time is required 12hrs in summer, 13hrs~14hrs in the rainy season. 
  1. The government want to know the real kwh can be saved per year 
  1. Lora communication with long connecting distance, higher transmittal speed.

Solar street light feature requirements: 120W LED light, 400W Mono solar panel, 2560WH LiFePO4 battery.

It is a municipal major highway project, high way across two cities.  It is a great honor for JINSDON to undertake this project and provide a satisfied solution for our clients.

IOT LoRa solar street light is easy to be handled via JINSDON, JINSDON has a mature and stable IOT LoRa control system, there is also a professional engineer team to supply customized solutions and bespoke design.  


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