BD-X12 AIO SSL with 100W to resist long rainy day in Indonesia

Nov. 28,2020

Project Introduce:

This is a road to Panasonic factory in Pasuruan, Indonesia, Panasonic wanted to bright all roads around their factory to make their staffs have a comfortable working environment, JINSDON won this project after a long tender competition.

Bespoke solution BD-X12 met the project requirements perfectly--10m installation height and 30m distance, 36lux on the ground, 8~10 rainy days.

Customized BD-X12 configuration is 215W Mono solar panel,  1.028KWH LiFepo4 batteries and 100W Philips LED.  

672units BD-X12 challenged 14hrs in the rainy season and 12hrs in the sunny season successfully.

Situation: No longer dark at night, more and more vehicles also pass this road, the street suddenly became busy.


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