BD-X12 AIO SSL with 100W to resist long rainy day in Philippine

Nov. 28,2020

Project Introduce:

This is a suburban road in CEBU which is the second city of the Philippines, government wanted to improve the city's appearance, to make the city light up with full of vitality, JINSDON won this project after a long tender competition.

Bespoke solution BD-X12 met the project requirements perfectly--10m installation height and 30m distance, 36lux on the ground, 8~10 rainy days.

Customized BD-X12 configuration is 215W Mono solar panel,  1.028KWH LiFepo4 batteries and 100W Philips LED.  

672units BD-X12 challenged 14hrs in the rainy season and 12hrs in the sunny season successfully.

Situation: No longer dark at night, more and more vehicles also pass this road, the street suddenly became busy.


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