Vega-A50 All in two solar street light in Vietnam

Jan. 24,2021

Vega-A60 were installed in a residential area with a lot of people and vehicles passed every day.

Solar panel is not fixed for Vega-A, it can face different directions, and adjust different angles to get more energy from sunlight, it will charge battery more quickly and fully

Vietnam is in the northern hemisphere, solar panels face south direction will get the most sunlight, but the load is east-west orientation, thus, the adjustable solar panel can toward same direction to get most sunlight.

Client would like to see this situation: from nightfall to midnight, there is only timing and dimming, from midnight to dawn, sensor function will be work

Client is happy with the working mode we set :100% 2hrs, 70% 3hrs,  7hrs 50% sensor, 30% no sensor


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