YG-10 wall mounting on the building house in South Korea

Jan. 24,2021

This YG series solar Bluetooth music lamp was installed in a family in South Korea. They bought 5 sets in total to decorate the front door, yard and garden, because the garden is planted with trees and flowers, they can sit in the garden drinking tea, having a rest, chatting with friends and enjoying the life at night.However, because the garden is not lighted, the lighting is not very convenient.So I contacted JSD through the platform and recommended this garden lamp.Half a month later, I asked the customer how he used it. The customer said that he was very grateful for your company's products.

Our lamp is paired with blue and white color, which blends together with the sky and flowers and plants. It is especially beautiful as a decorative garden and is especially popular in European and American countries.It also supports the ability to connect the phone to play music, which can be charged during the day and used for up to 12 hours at night.


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