Solar Power Residential System Lithium Battery Solar Inverter
  • Wall-mounting 51.2V LiFePO4 Battery

    4KWH to 6KWH

    Wall-mounting battery is designed to make install conveniently and save the space, and good performance in harsh environment, effective customize technical solution can be provided by trustworthy innovative lihtium battery manufacturer.

  • Superposed Lithium Battery for 15KW to 60KW System

    15KW to 60KW

    Superposed lithium iron phosphate battery is with modular design gives customers the choice of capacity from 6KWH to 36KWH, vertical industry integration ensures 6000cycles Lifespan, highly appropriate to be household back up.

  • 3U&5U Cabinet LiFePO4 battery

    Long cycle life 4K Wh, 3U4880 cabinet, LiFePO4 battery patented design, compatible with most available hybrid/off-grid inverters in the world, supporting multiple parallel connections.